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Hey, Paul Storiale! Check out our future plans!!! xoxox ALowe AND many congrats for having your show The Columbine Project re-open in LA after a successful run off-Broadway! We're so proud of you, Paul!

March 21, 24 (?), 26, 31 (?), & April 3 (a rare Saturday night!)...(almost all during spring break time!)…LCTG presents our kids production of Guys’n Dolls. This should be a hoot, featuring kids from ages 8 to 14!!!  Call 365.3197 for further info!

JUST OPENED THE KIDS SHOW TODAY....WHAT FUN! THE KIDS DID GREAT! (SO DID ALL THE ADULTS WHO MADE IT HAPPEN...ESPECIALLY THE PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS, THE PIT, THE TECH....what a great experience for all! Paul and I are so lucky!!!! Thank you, God, for making it all possible!


UPCOMING SPECIAL ENCORE (of a show we did several years ago...(before we go on tour AGAIN with the show), LCTG brings back an old favorite!




If you missed it then, see it now! If you saw it then, see it again! It's a timeless comedy!)

Features Linda Slankard as the long- suffering wife to Don Taylor, a curmudgeonly husband, and Sarah Lounges and Brandon Denton as the younger couple who, as the title implies, get double-booked in the same cabin for a looooooong weekend. The generation gap was never so wide, but as it narrows, each couple learns loads from the other! Wives, you don't have to say "I told you so!" because even the husbands'll love this one!


All the exact show dates still to be determined for the shows that follow..depending on the schedule at Great Oaks...a very busy place!

see www.GreatOaksBanquets.com

Summer (July) 2010…LCTG presents a new musical THE SPITFIRE GRILL, a wonderful folk musical about an older woman who wants to sell her grill in a small town. Percy, the young ex-prisoner who now works and rooms with the owner Hannah, comes up with a great idea for selling the grill and finds a new home along the way. The townspeople, many of whom are narrow-minded, also learn a little something about forgiveness and fair play. Hauntingly beautiful music!

Open auditions for The Spitfire Grill sometime in early May!


There's been a change in these plans...NUNSENSATIONS will be performed in Jan/Feb of 2011 instead of this fall due to scheduling and cast availability!!!

LCTG brings back the Little Sisters of Hoboken for a fun-filled Las Vegas revue…Don’t miss NUNSENSATIONS! Mother Superior, Sister Hubert, Sister Robert Anne, and Sister Amnesia will be back to entertain and delight their "flock"! Again, sorry to change the date, but the wait will be well worth it! Again, NUNSENSATIONS in Jan/Feb 2011!!


The possible December show…may not now occur, again due to availability & scheduling at Great Oaks.

We'll be choosing some kind of zany comedy, you can be sure....for the fall, either in October or November!

It's possible we might still do Christmas Belles, a comedy about a group of gals who’re putting on their church’s Christmas show. A teensy bit irreverent, but a whole lotta fun! Open auditions, come on out!

WOW! ANGIE HAD A CALL JUST YESTERDAY FROM JESSIE JONES, CO-AUTHOR OF CHRISTMAS BELLES. WHAT A NICE LADY! COULD JUST PUSH US OVER THE TOP IN OUR DECISION on whether to do the show in November. Hey, Christmas decorations appear even before Halloween sometimes, right? Why not a Christmas show???


LCTG is in its 6th season at Great Oaks, so hard to believe! Thanks so much, Tom & Ryan of Great Oaks!
Thanks, too, to our loyal and fun-loving theatre-goers....you keep US going!
With sincere gratitude to our wonderful actors, actresses, techies, and musicians! We'd be nothing without you! xoxox Paul and Angie