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L'arc en Ciel Theatre Group...LCTG

LCTG is now starting our 12th year at Great Oaks!!! Who'd have thought it??? THE REGION'S BEST DINNER THEATRE VALUE! (in fact, the Region's ONLY full-time dinner theatre!) at Great Oaks, 13109 So. Wicker Ave (Hwy 41) in Cedar Lake, In 46303.............. (Best kept secret in Lake County! GPS us! We are just behind the trees behind the Great Oaks Strip Mall, on east side of Hwy 41, 2 blocks north of stop light at 133rd & Hwy 41).... (more explicit directions: south on 41 toward Cedar Lake, east off Hwy 41 at the Great Oaks Banquets sign, between the Knights of Columbus Hall and the Great Oaks Center strip mall. ON THE EAST SIDE OF 41 and down the hill, between the trees, veer to the right....and there we are! )


Next up at LCTG....


DINNER THEATRE format, as always, featuring salad, 3 entrees (all you can eat), rolls'n butter, mashed potatoes/gravy, green beans or corn, and dessert, all in a sit-down dinner served family style! 

CLUE features our "LCTG kids"---- Aaron Cappello as Mr. Boddy, Sammy Bredar as Miss Scarlett, Zack Hansen as Colonel Mustard, Hannah Souronis as Mrs. White, Adam Gustas as Mr. Green, Lydia DeVille as Mrs. Peacock, Dylan Foster as Professor Plum,  with Laura Spasske and Olivia Froelich as the Maids, Koty Bakker as the Butler, and Bailey Corbett as the Gardener...with guest inspector Bella Gomez as the supersleuth who must solve the murderous question:  Who killed Mr. Boddy???

Everybody has surely played CLUE!!!  This show is no exception!  The audience plays along!  COME SEE AND HELP  the Inspector SOLVE THE MURDER!

Show dates are Friday, June 3 and Sunday, June 5, Saturday, June 11 and Sunday, June 12, closing Sunday, June 19!

Friday and Saturday you'll eat at 6:30 and laugh (as you solve the mystery) at 8 pm.

Sundays, you'll eat at 12:30 and laugh (as you solve the mystery) at 2 pm.

Adults $32, Seniors $30, Kids (to age 12) only $25 (includes dinner & show)   There's also a CASH BAR!

You can always email angielctg@gmail.com to order your tix!!! (Note this is a new email address!)  Please write LCTG dinner theatre tix  in the subject line!

Following Clue, in July FOR TWO PERFORMANCES ONLY!  LCTG brings back the adorable "love triangle" story of a man, his dog Sylvia, and the "other woman" (in this case, HIS WIFE!)

After 5 shows in Jan and Feb, 2016.... (in our 50th year of theatre, our 12th year already at Great Oaks!), LCTG decided to bring the show back for 2 local performances, this time starring Hannah Souronis as Sylvia, Matt Stinnett as the husband Greg, Linda Slankard as Kate, "the wife/other woman", Kali Rasala as Kate's galpal, and Mercedes Austgen as Leslie, the marriage counselor.

Shows Fri night and Sun matinee, July 22 and 24 ONLY, 2016....

Again... Adults $32, Seniors $30, Kids (to age 12) only $25 (includes dinner & show) There's also a CASH BAR!

You can always email angielctg@gmail.com to order your tix!!!

Next up in October, opening Sunday, October 9...

Shows continue Fri and Sun, October 14 and 16, closing Sun, October 23! 


SQUABBLES!    (The inlaws are fighting....and it all started at the wedding!)

Always in the same dinner theatre format as described above. 

If you've never seen an LCTG show at Great Oaks, you've missed some amazing shows!  What're you waiting for...Christmas?

Well, since we brought up Christmas, for the first time since '08, LCTG is doing a Christmas show!  What could be better than...

IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE???  (because it IS!)

LCTG presents  a scripted radio version of the 1946 Christmas classic, featuring George and Mary Bailey, Uncle Billy, the mean old Grinch Mr. Potter, Clarence Oddbody, a guardian angel, and many many more!!!  Don't miss this amazingly simple, yet powerful Christmas comedy! 

For several years, we've had calls about a Christmas show, so....we listened and we decided to do bring one to the area!!!

To find out at any time what's going on at LCTG.... or for info on our upcoming shows, call Angie at 219.365.3197 or call Great Oaks at 374.8000. You may also Email Angie at the new email address above....please write in the SUBJECT LINE:

What's up at LCTG? or LCTG TIX!

More info to come! Come back soon!

Just closed at LCTG...our "kids" show....the musical HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS without really TRYING!!! Some of these kids have been working with us since A Christmas Story in Dec, 2008!!!

Meanwhile...our latest little ORIGINAL comedy...

by Angie Lowe.... WEDDING BELLES ARE RINGING!....came and went...so fasssst! Had a fun opening at Great Oaks, followed by 5 great shows at the Pines, then 2 more shows at Great Oaks!

Thanks to Jackie Verdeyen, Kali Rasala, Kay Wagman, Linda Slankard, Hannah Souronis, Aaron Cappello who brought Angie Lowe's zany script to life!

Last April, we did another zany comedy in


featuring Linda Slankard, Kevin Sherman, Sarah and Brandon Denton.....as Peggy & Frank Jackson, and a yuppie couple known only as "Jackson and Jill".

We had a great run at White Pines with this show too! It was our 4th tour with Double-Booked at the Pines!!!

In January 2015, LCTG performed a favorite,

affectionately called HOJO'S!


featuring Linda Slankard, Dr. Alan Smith, and Bruce Jung....

at any given time 2 of the 3 plotted to "kill" the other...ONLY THE AUDIENCE DIED LAUGHING!!!

Attention, LCTG theatre-goers!

Last Christmas 2014 we offered a money-saving offer for 3 shows....We're hoping to offer that again around Christmas of 2015!!! Please CALL FOR INFORMATION!

$AVE $$$$ with OUR GREAT 3-SHOW GIFT CERTIFICATE OFFER! GREAT FOR GIFT-GIVING FOR ANY OCCASION! Our offer was as follows: INSTEAD OF 3 X $32 = $96 FOR ADULT TIX, WE'RE OFFERING THE 3-SHOW PACKAGE FOR $85!!! AND/OR INSTEAD OF 3 X $30 = $90 FOR SENIOR TIX, WE'RE OFFERING THE 3-SHOW PACKAGE FOR $75!!! We HOPE to do this again once show dates are set for 2016!!!!

Spread the word!


AT 12:30 WITH SHOW AT 2.



Please be patient with our out-of-date site links...we're so busy doing theatre, we don't have time to do updates on the site!


FOXFIRE featured...Jacqueline Verdeyen, Mike Johnson, Matt Stinnett, Steve Becker, Laura Simmons, and Angie Lowe

Special thanks to our small but mighty crew!

A powerfully human play with music.  Some stories and emotions can only be expressed in song, and this show promises to fill  a place in your heart you may not even have realized was empty...until now.
In a departure from our usual light-hearted comedies, LCTG brings to the stage.... the charming, warm, vibrant, funny, yet touching FOXFIRE, a Tony, Oscar, and Emmy award-winning  play with music, starring  an LCTG favorite Jacqueline Verdeyen as Annie Nations, a feisty woman of 79, who has lived hard & worked hard on her primitive farm, so aptly named "Stony Lonesome", atop the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia,  right alongside her curmudgeon of a husband, Hector.   For all ladies who may have loved & lost, but who're still standing strong...for all families who've ever faced hard times but come through with their love, dignity, & sense of humor intact.....this one's for YOU!
Annie's  tranquility is threatened...first,  by a brash real estate man, one Prince Carpenter  who is  determined to hoodwink her out of her mountain home, lining his own pockets... and second, by worries about her son Dillard, who long ago rejected the idea of being a farmer like his father, much to dad Hector's chagrin.  Dillard left the mountain to make his living as a country singer, and now Dillard is appearing in a nearby concert and takes time to make a rare visit to see his mother. 

Hector is upset the moment his son arrives, and sure enough, Dillard asks his mother to abandon the hard life on the farm to come and live with him, not so she can take care of his kids, but so he can take care of her. Annie's inner struggles to decide her own future, yet cling to her past, takes her through many touching, tender, powerful, and always magical flashbacks to her days with her highly spirited, stubborn husband.
FOXFIRE is a tribute to the strength of one  Appalachian woman in particular, and  to all strong, determined women in general.    The role of Annie was created by Jessica Tandy, both on Broadway & in film.  The play was co-written by her husband Hume Cronyn (who appeared as Hector). Keith Carradine (Tony winner for Will Rogers Follies)  portrayed Dillard, the singing, guitar-playing "narrator"/son.  
Angie Lowe is blessed to have Jacqueline Verdeyen as the leading lady, a very familiar name here at the Pines.  Jackie most recently played Molly, the Jewish grandma in the LOL comedies that played here the past 3 summers!  Before that, however, the Pines enjoyed her performances as the feisty Miss Daisy (another Jessica Tandy role) in Driving Miss Daisy!  Mike Johnson, veteran performer and old friend of Jackie’s, plays her crochety old husband Hector.  Another Pines favorite, Steve Becker, returns as Prince Carpenter,  and two newcomers to the Pines, Matt Stinnett and Laura Simmons, appear as Dillard and a neighbor girl Holly Burrell.  Angie Lowe makes a flashback cameo as a crusty old midwife who brings Dillard kicking and screaming into the world… Everyone adds his two cents to Annie's decision, but the ultimate decision is all hers to make....between the love she feels for her son....and the love she feels for her home and her roots.  Whatever her decision, her husband knows "She'll be back..."

Call for any other info....Angie cell 776.0888 or home 365.3197 (press #, leave name, number, message)


We had a another great show tour at White Pines summer of 2014...featuring...



(by Angie Lowe)

featuring Linda Slankard, Jacqueline Verdeyen, Leslie Evans, Kay Wagman, Aaron Cappello, Hannah Souronis, Austin Traina, and Angie Lowe

1st show was LOL...LITTLE OLD LADIES

2nd show was LOL...LITTLE OLD LADIES.....


3rd (& we thought, final) show was



Not too surprisingly, the audiences at White Pines asked for still another sequel, so Angie and the cast will do their best not to disappoint them....BUT...this time, we need a little break...so first at White Pines next summer we'll be featuring the LOLs but in a different setting and a different time.... call it the retroactive reincarnation of the LOLs!!!

That will be a cute little show called Wedding Belles, to run next July 2015 before a late July tour at White Pines.

BUT...BEFORE THAT...LCTG takes its great little show Double-Booked in Cabin 4 back to the Pines after two shows at Great Oaks...WATCH FOR THAT IN MID-APRIL 2015!

So...Angie will be working on LOL 4 in the next year so plan for July 2016! The LOLs have already said yes to the 4th (and this time...we really mean it!) and final LOL show!

Oh, and if you missed the Nunsense Jamboree in Jan/Feb 2014, you might like to know that we may do another Nunsense show in the next few years, the Good Lord willing!

Jamboree flyer


Sister Amnesia's

Country Western


Jamboree flyer plus

Yee ha!

Yep, the Little Sisters of Hoboken were back, even the naughty Sister "Mary Annette"!

LCTG may present still another in the Nunsense series in the next year or two, God willing. Stay tuned!

October 2012, LCTG was proud to present


featuring '78 LCTG grad Randy Noojin, fresh from his NYC opening of this, HIS OWN SHOW, after performing benefits for the homeless shelters and soup kitchens in Tennessee!

Follow Randy on his website HardTravelinShow.com

or Randy Noojin on Facebook! Here are pix of Randy!

RANDY NOOJIN (currently NYC Equity Actor) came "home" to LCTG to perform HIS VERY OWN ONE-MAN SHOW!

Randy portrayed Woody Guthrie, champion of America's down-and-out, homeless hobos, victims of the Depression and Post-Depression era in these, our beloved United States of America!

Guthrie, a self-made hobo himself, hopped his share of the freight train boxcars, commiserating with migrant workers, creating stories from his experiences getting to know and love the homeless, the underprivileged, and the unemployed.

Randy performed as a benefit for his "home" theatre LCTG.

Part of proceeds was donated to the Cedar Lake Food Pantry, just as Woody Guthrie would've wanted!


Below see pix of LOL...Little Old Ladies----- from July 2012.

Linda Slankard, Jackie Verdeyen ,

Kay Wagman, Leslie Evans, & Angie Lowe,

featuring 12-yr old Aaron Cappello.

Steven Becker joined us in the sequel, along with two other great teens Hannah Souronis and Austin Traina!!!

A 12-yr-old boy teaches the LOL's (the Little Old Ladies) a thing or two about internet jargon, and everybody learns about what is truly important in life! It's the ultimate bridge between the generation gaps! The sequel will be chocked with fun and Facebook and Twitter!

Welcome, LOLs, to the 21st century and to today's social network!!!

You can always find out about LCTG at www.greatoaksbanquets.com -----just click on our new dinner theatre button!

PIPPIN closed June 23rd, 2012! ...We miss it!!!

Company photos of Pippin! Great group, great show!

Email Angie for tix/info .... angielctg@sbcglobal.net

Also visit www.greatoaksbanquets.com & click on our new dinner theatre button!

Come be a part of LCTG! WE NEED YOUR HELP!!